5 Simple Statements About 上門補習價錢 Explained

5 Simple Statements About 上門補習價錢 Explained

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4k00:22Rear senior man popping out from making and meeting younger Caucasian woman courier from supermarket. Lady in professional medical mask and gloves handing packet with foodstuff to male. Coronavirus isolation idea

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4k00:08Online Instructor speaking with teen girl faculty college student by webcam convention connect with. Net tutor educating giving web class. E learning from your home thought. Over shoulder pack up laptop computer display screen see.

4k00:15Front view of satisfied loving moms and dads and their psyched Young ones smiling driving a car or truck in town. 上門補習private tutor Youthful family touring abroad by auto in summertime.



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4k00:11Young girl cautiously opens box supply from on the internet retail store. Coronavirus pandemic quarantine, Woman portrait with own protective equipment gloves tutor plus a healthcare mask on experience, residence isolation self

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